5 new beverage brands in Denmark

Liviko and Conaxess Trade Beverages have signed a new distribution agreement for Denmark.

“We are excited to announce a new partnership with our friends from Liviko. We will bring Crafter’s gins, Kingsmill gins, Caribba rums, Vana Tallinn Glögg and Cooler Ready-to-drink in fresh new flavours to the Danish market. These are all great products with strong support and big opportunities,” says Jan Rose Pedersen, Managing Director at Conaxess Beverages.

Conaxess Trade Beverages will oversee sales, marketing, and distribution of these products, reaching both on-trade and off-trade with the whole range of high-quality alcohol.

Liviko represents the world’s leading premium brands in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It is one of the largest alcohol companies in the Baltics and specialises in premium alcohol.

“Working with a capable and experienced partner in Denmark is an important strategic step in promoting our exports. Conaxess Trade’s distribution portfolio includes highly regarded brands, and we are pleased that Liviko’s beverages with their Nordic character are now also represented in this impressive selection,” says Jörgen Herman, Export Director at Liviko.

We can’t wait to introduce more fantastic beverage brands to the Danish market.

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