Conaxess Trade Denmark and Aldelis is proud to announce a new partnership

As of 2020, Conaxess Trade Denmark will enter a new full-service partnership with Aldelis.

The Spanish food brand, Aldelis, is new to the Danish market and is ready to explore this Nordic market and gain territory.

Aldelis is relevant for the Danish market because of several factors, including consumer behavior trends and demands regarding cooking. The company is looking forward to introducing their brand and products in Denmark and to embark this journey in a close relationship with Conaxess Trade.

“We are proud of and excited about becoming Aldelis’ local partner in Denmark and welcoming Aldelis to our portfolio. The organization is ready to kick-start the growth and development in the Danish market. The team has great experiences with the category of canned food and this knowledge is beneficial in the new partnership with Aldelis.”
– Torben Bank Jensen, Managing Director at Conaxess Trade Denmark.


For those seeking convenience food with a home-style touch

Aldelis’ product range of canned food includes for example delicious chicken breasts – perfect for salads, pizzas, rice dishes and pasta, and Tex-Mex pulled chicken – tender shredded chicken strips cooked at a low temperature perfect for making Mexican fajitas.

The fight against food waste is of high importance to retailers and consumers. In Denmark, meat represents 16% of the food which Danish people throw out. The size of Aldelis’ products is suitable for one portion/one person which leave no leftovers. Additionally, the durability is up to 24 months which is beneficial in a food waste and convenience perspective.

Another consumer trend in the Danish market is the fact that fewer people make home made food, and we spend less time cooking. Aldelis’ products are ready to eat – for example in salads, rice dishes, pasta, and on pizza. It doesn’t require any cooking. For the consumers looking for high quality, convenience and great tasting culinary options, Aldelis is a perfect match.

Aldelis monitors the entire value chain of the products, from the farm to the packaging process, in this way ensuring traceability. Through the 325 farms, Aldelis can ascertain the precise origin of each one of the birds and keep complete records about what they eat and drink. This provides Aldelis with quality guarantees, which in return allows to ensure stability in the final product.


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