Fentimans soft drinks and mixers will refresh Denmark this spring

We are delighted to announce that Fentimans and Conaxess Trade Beverages are forming a new partnership in Denmark! When life gives you lemons, let's make delicious lemonade.

Fentimans is a family-owned business started all the way back in 1905 by Thomas Fentiman. The company has passed down the generations and is currently owned by Thomas Fentiman’s great, great grandson, Eldon Robson, who has expanded the family business from ginger beer to a whole range of refreshing, natural soft drinks and mixers to suit any palate.

Fentimans is the only- UK brewer of soft drinks and mixers to use the time-honoured process of Botanical Brewing, a modern version of an ancient process which allows flavours to blend and develop over a minimum of seven days to produce exquisitely crafted beverages that have a rich and complex taste. To top it all off, it is made with all-natural ingredients, ensuring a rounded and refreshing drinking experience.

“We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Fentimans, growing our spirits portfolio with the best premium tonic and mixers. We cannot wait to expand the footprint of Fentimans in Danish retail and tap into the massive potential the brand has in On Trade and Special Trade.” Jan Rose Pedersen, Managing Director, Conaxess Trade Beverages.

Conaxess Trade Beverages will oversee sales and marketing for Fentimans in Denmark. The partnership started in January 2024, and we are now presenting the brand to our many local partners in Denmark. First shipments of new productions are going to take place in March 2024, well in time for the summer so consumers all across the Danish market can quench their thirst with Fentimans refreshing soft drinks and mixers.

“We are really excited about this great new partnership and great potential we now have with Conaxess Trade Beverages in Denmark and the opportunity to expand our unique range of Premium Soft drinks and Mixers products both in retail, but also into the On Trade channel as well.” Claire Baigrie, Head of International Fentimans UK Ltd.

We look forward to bringing the beautiful Fentimans bottles into stores, restaurants, and homes across Denmark soon. Cheers!

Visit our brand partners over at Fentimans.

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