Bringing East London to Denmark with brand new products

East London Liquor Company and Conaxess Trade Beverages have signed a new partnership to bring East London Liquor Company’s amazing products to Denmark for the first time.

‘Good booze for good people at good prices’ is at the heart of everything East London Liquor Company does – and they do it well.

Their gins, rums and whisky all taste amazing and even before you start drinking, you can feast your eyes on the fun and beautifully designed bottles. They’re the first gin, vodka and whisky distillery in East London in over 100 years and now Danes can enjoy their innovative drinks as well.

“It’s no secret that Denmark is a discerning market. Showing up as a new world whisky brand (alongside our wider range) to Danish drinkers is a big deal for us, so working with people we trust is a must.”

“Conaxess Trade Beverages were an obvious choice and we’re ready to hit the ground running and see what we can achieve together,” says Alex Wolpert, Founder of East London Liquor Company

“We are so pleased to be able to announce a new strong partnership with East London Liquor Company and to be able to work with such tasty products. Thank you for trusting us – we will do our best every single day to make sure it’s a success,” concludes Jan Rose Pedersen, Managing Director, Conaxess Trade Beverages.

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