Conaxess Trade supports the campaign ‘Spis ude igen’ (‘Dine out again’)

The Danish food service business is deeply dependent on whether people are eating away from home, especially during the summer. The campaign ‘Spis ude igen’ aims at encouraging and inspiring people to support their local restaurants, cafés, diners, etc.

The Covid-19 situation and the national lockdown have not been easy for the Danish food service industry. First, restaurants, cafés, bars, diners, etc. where not allowed to have eating guests and some of the remaining restrictions are still affecting the everyday business. Second, the prior and current travel bans lead to fewer tourists.

The consequences are, among others, much fewer visitors and lower earnings which affect both suppliers and brand owners due to the lower level of orders.

The many restaurants, cafés, etc. – and the related stakeholders – across the country are deeply dependent on whether the Danish citizens are dining out again, especially during the summer months which are normally high season.

Therefore, MLDK (The Danish industry organization for Branded goods) has initiated a digital campaign ‘Spis ude igen’ (‘Dine out again’) to encourage people to dine out again and to support the local restaurants, cafés, bars, etc. The aim is to make people visit their local eating places which have had a tough spring and summer. Suppliers in the food service industry are, too, behind the campaign, including Conaxess Trade.

“We are proud of supporting this great initiative. At Conaxess Trade, it was a natural and easy decision to become a part of the campaign, since we know how much our customers are fighting for their business and how passionate they are.

When it comes to food and dining out, social media is the perfect place to get inspiration, so we believe that this campaign will have a positive effect on the food service business. This will consequently contribute positively to our brand owner’s business when the number of visitors and orders are increasing.”

– Torben Bank Jensen, Managing Director at Conaxess Trade Denmark.

More than 1000 pictures are already uploaded on Instagram using the hashtag #SpisUdeIgen and the first statistics of the engagement are very promising.

The engagement will hopefully contribute to many happy moments and great experiences with food based on great products from our brand owners like The Kraft Heinz Company, Segafredo Zanetti, Hermes Sweetners, Mars Jozo, Urtekram, Continetal Foods, In med Degen and many more.

– Torben Bank Jensen, Managing Director at Conaxess Trade Denmark.


Read more about the campaign here.


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