New partnership with Continental Foods for the brand Touch of Taste

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Continental Foods for the brand Touch of Taste on the Danish retail market. The collaboration starts as of August 24, 2018, as a full service setup including brand management, key account management, field sales and warehousing/logistics.

“Touch of Taste has some amazing products that anyone with an interest in food will love. A contemporary product that truly enhances the quality and functionality compared to existing broth products. I therefore believe that with the right sales effort, we can surely lift the category” says Søren Skipper, Commercial Director Conaxess Trade Denmark.

Touch of Taste includes a portfolio of quality broth in a variety of flavours. Broth lifts the taste both in the classic everyday dishes and the festive dinners. Touch of Taste believes that good and natural ingredients are the absolute best seasoning and are constantly working on cleaner content declarations. As Continental Foods put it: “The starting point for our work is simple: We simply believe that venison broth must taste of venison, chanterelle broth of chanterelle and fish broth of fish.”

Christian Gustafsson Sales & Export Director comments: “We at Continental Foods are looking forward to this long term partnership with Conaxess Trade on the Danish retail market. We are confident that Conaxess Trade will enable and contribute to a similar success as we have on the Swedish market.”

About Touch of Taste

In 1890 Gustaf Bong started his grocery and deli shop in Ystad, Skåne. It was from the beginning a small family company known for its quality products. The assortment in the shop consisted of peas, carrots, pickled onions, sauerkraut and more.
Gustaf Bong AB was a pioneer business. Bong operated his own crops and established contracts with local farmers. He was a man who cared about tradition and quality. Even today, the products stand for tradition, food experience and high quality. In short, food prepared with personal care.
Touch of taste is owned by Continental Foods. As one of Europe’s leading food companies, Continental Foods has a portfolio of several successful brands with headquarters in Puurs, Belgium and businesses in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and Sweden.

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